domingo, 2 de junho de 2013


Robert woke up.
That night he had dreamt about something weird, something he could not remember.but it had felt so real.
That day was normal, and the after, and even the next one. A whole month has passed and he could not forget that night where reality and dreams hat gotten mixed in his mind and left nothing behind. Or so he thought. He consulted psychics and psychologists in order to know what had happened.
One day, a friend suggested: "you should try hypnosis" and so did he.

You'll feel dizzy

You're falling asleep

Remember, go back in time.

Live it.

And so there he was.
All he felt was that he was going through a huge déja vu. Everything felt real again, the world, there it was. And then, slowly, the surroundings became lucid and everything was black. Not just black but the darkest black he had ever seen. The floor was cold and humid. A fresh and sublime wind was blowing. Drops of some liquid were falling... slowly, as if building a rythim. A frightening sense of calm got into Robert's mind. He tried to get up but his legs were tied to each other causing him to fall on the hard cold, stone floor. All he was wearing was a t-shirt and shorts, so he started shaking involuntarily. The wind was now colder than ever and the floor was getting wetter as if that room was flooding. Panic got into him. He crawled, in a desperate attempt to find a way out of there but all he found was a stone disaggregated from the floor and its place, now filled with the cold liquid. He drinked that. A chill went through his body and an odd feeling got him. Something was wrong, that didn't feel like water. It was liquid but tasted irony. He couldn't even see his hands. He tried rubbing the rock on the floor so some spark could briefly illuminate that space. Not succeeded. The floor was too wet. Robert lied down on his back, with no energy, Everything he could think of was apparently impossible and there was no way out. He screamed for help and cried. Tried to remember anything besides that dark room but it felt as if he had been there ever since he was born and, as long as he could see, until he died. 
Exactly, he thought, I'll be there as long as I'm alive, there is a way out.

Robert grabbed the rock and hit himself in the head. Grueling pain took over his body and he couldn't stop screaming. He touched his head. Blood. Strangely, the feeling of touching that was familiar and touched the liquid again, that now was flooding five inches above the floor. The liquid felt the same. The liquid was blood. Robert was now terrified. He was now about to swim in blood. Chills went over his spine as he dropped the rock and the noise eccoed. It was deafening. His ears were now unable to ear the blood dripping, his eyes were unable to see. His senses were slowly, one by one, betraying him.
Robert woke up. He had fainted because of the excruciating pain he was feeling. For a second he had hopes of waking up in a lightful place, with people, and movement. He was thirsty, hungry and hadn't opened his eyes yet, afraid of what was beyond his eyelids. After a time thinking wether he should or not open his eyes, he decided he had nothing to lose. Although, when he tried opening his eyes, nothing happened. Fear. His hands touched his eyes, or better: the gaps where before were his eyes. He felt the urge to cry but nothing happened.
I need to end this. Now

But there was no rock anymore. His heart was beating faster than ever before. Exaggerated doses of adrenaline were running through his blood. Fear and dispair were everything he could feel.
Suddenly, he had an idea. He tried to sit, but something's missing. They haven't only taken the eyes. He had nothing below his waist. Some cirurgic procedure has been made on him. He was not bleeding.Or so he couldn't feel it. Pain. Unbearable pain. A good and satisfying pain. A liberating pain he felt, when his teeth drilled his wrist's skin so deep, that a bone-on-bone sound eccoed through the room. Blood was sprinkling his face and pain no more was felt.
Robert woke up. A knife was sticked in his chest as he was lying on his back on the doctor's couch. Robert's hands were holding the knife. His head felt powerless to his right side. There he could see another body, dressed as a doctor that looked strangely familiar. The last thing Robert saw, was de dead doctor's tag:
Dr. Robert.

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